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Line of Fire

Andy McNab
Nick Stone is back, he is at home and things are getting serious.

Returning to London from the Arctic via Switzerland, Stone is reunited with his friends from the lethal trip to the North Pole and trying to stay alive and functioning. Their nemesis from the last adventure - The Owl - is once more trying to tidy up after his deadly strike and Stone and the boys are something of a problem. In order to survive, Nick has to make a deal with the devil and play his cards close to his chest. In exchange for their survival, Stone and his friends are charged with locating a hacker, but not just any hacker. This one is world class and so good that the stability and fragile peace of the western world is at enormous risk.

This quest takes the team on a roller-coaster trip to the west country, to the peaceful lanes and coves of Cornwall, and the streets of Bristol. They meet lethal and surprising surfers and con artists who are a cover for terrorism, leading to a climatic chase and fight for their lives.

This book follows on from 'Cold Blood' and features a number of the same characters, however unlike most of the author's books it eschews far off and mysterious places, instead being set in London and Cornwall. This in no way detracts from the plot, in fact it perhaps helps the reader for I suspect there are few of us who have not visited Cornwall at some time and the prose certainly brought back memories of that rather attractive county to me.

Readers know what to expect from a book by this author; a fast paced plot, a good story line and plenty of action and this particular novel certainly lives up to that. It is slightly different, in that as mentioned earlier, the narrative is centred almost exclusively in the UK, instead of more distant climes, but that just added to my enjoyment of the story.

Andy McNab knows how to tell a good and exciting tale and I found that I enjoyed this one as much, if not more, than his others.

Amazon productA rattling good yarn that speeds along nicely and well told.

Highly recommended.
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