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Liebenstandarte. Ardennes 1944.

Steven Smith.
As I stated in my earlier review of The Falaise Gap Battles Normandy 1944 From the same series. This book follows the tried and tested formula of juxtaposing contemporary and modern linking the monuments and battlefield relics with the events they evoke.

In this volume Steven Smith charts the battle fought by the Division that carried Hitlers name as its commander the 29 year old Jochen Pieper led it along Rollbahn D in this last desperate offensive aimed at Antwerp to cut in half the Allied forces in Northern Europe.

As with all the books in the series the narrowness of the book belies the concise and well laid out information on the action that it contains. Each of the Divisions four Kampfgruppen is dealt with in detail, as are the major actions at Trois Ponts, and Stavelot. The infamous execution of US prisoners of war at Malmedy is briefly touched on but not dwelt on in depth.
Amazon productThe author has done a great job of couching the book in such a fashion as to relate the history of the unit, it’s commanders, and the actions that they fought without resorting to the adulation that sometimes seems to follow the Waffen SS. I highly recommend this book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
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