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Let’s Re-Great Britain

Al Murray "The Pub Landlord"
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Aka “The Pub Landlord” Al has decided to stand for Parliament and to do so has formed the FUK Party; he feels he is just as good, if not better, than those currently in the HoC. He has brought us, in book form, his manifesto and thoughts on the political situation in Britain.

This is a serious attempt at getting his snout in the trough, otherwise known as serving his constituency. The sub title to the book is “Going that extra mile so the EU doesn't turn it into a kilometre”. The book has several ‘quotes’ from the great and good that, having read this have seen the error of their ways. We have from Karl Marx ‘My God I was so very wrong about everything’ to Charles de Gaulle “Moi, je suis France, le patron du pub lui-même, il est Angleterre”. As you can see it is a life changing book.

The book itself is broken down, in more ways than one, into several short chapters (keeps the attention span of his audience) ranging from Why Politics to a Vision of our Economy through The Media and Question Time (BBC Prog), Great Britons (in which of course he means Englishmen!) to subjects very dear to British hearts at the moment like The Obesity Epidemic.

This is a well written well thought out book (note to Pub Landlord, cheque to usual place please), setting out an alternative political scene, one in which the catch phrase and aim of achievement is “Common Sense”. Ridiculous idea in politics I know but just as daft as any manifesto from the major Parties.

A major theme of the Pub Landlord’s manifesto/book is Freedoms, freedom to act or say what we Britons like. An example is about the freedom that the Internet gives us. The .........

· Precious freedom to go online on social media when we are shit-faced:

· And call a minor celebrity a “has been ****” for instance

· Or say “you’re a fat bald twat”

· Or “who r u? Id rather shit in me hand as than wotch u”

· Or just “fukk off”.

So you can see the depth of research and understanding that the PL has put into this. Of course, he can’t just publish what we do but gives his solution, which would be:

· Switch off the Internet at 5pm on Friday night

· Switch it back on at 9am Monday morning. Sorted.

Al applies this, common sense, approach to other areas such as the economy, transport, finance, austerity, MPs expenses and many areas of interest.

However, the ending of the book is not about what Al Murray, Pub Landlord will do as MP but what he expects his constituents to do for themselves; titled quite appropriately “Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country, Ask How Much You Can Get In Housing Benefit” Couple this with good old Common Sense and you have AM’s manifesto.

Returning to the great and good who have seen the light, Mahatma Gandhi says: “Once in every epoch a man comes, a man who has answers that speak to all men and women and echo across history. For a time that man was me, the mantle has now been passed on.”

Pint for the fella, white wine for the lady!

As this is a political theorum, I give it 2.5 stars to remain completely neutral, but it really is a 5 star book, to put neutrality to one side.

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