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Less of the Same

Less of the same : This book is an adventure story. It follows a mixed group of people, who meet while attempting to escape from the ravages of war. Their exciting journey through many countries, manages to be of help to more than just themselves, in what I hope you will find to be the most original adventures you will read this year. If Donald Trump and Brexit were a shock to you, the story you are about to read here, will surely get you thinking about the way we approach politics, and the way it approaches us.

This is Collin's first book and it is an adventure and a half, well in fact three. The main story is about a group of people fleeing from Syria after a bombing of a town and a UN Convoy. The second is how they take on people smugglers, not giving the plot away it is a interesting and fearful tale. The third, well that’s about a political proposition which gains a life of its own and causes dramas all over the world .

As a first novel you would expect it to be a bit ragged around the edges and for my money Colin could have dropped the politics and expanded the fight against the people smugglers. It is not a bad book despite these minor niggles; the first few chapters in Syria and the details behind the UN activity certainly grabbed me and made me sit up and think. This is a stuffer, I mean as its holiday season stuff it into your bag to read on the plane and on the beach you won't regret it . A good first book and I can’t wait to read the next one which is on the stocks as we speak 3.5 mushroom heads.

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