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Good review and thanks for highlighting the issues with presentation and price. It would appear that the publishers are hoping it goes on a "Must Read" list for organisations involved in this field.
Cracking review with a great explanation for your rating.
A quick out of the box review of the boots I won much to the chagrin of @MrBane.

First impressions are of a very well made boot indeed. There is a little "pocket" on the tongue which holds the laces to a) keep them from wicking up moisture etc and B) keeps it tidy. that is the level of detail and thought that's gone into these boots. Further, the laces are knotted so that they don't slip out another bit of advance thinking

There is apparently a sun reflect system on the uppers which helps keep the leather and feet cool. I hope at some point to test this but it is after all the UK so it may never happen.
The inner surfaces are well but not excessively padded and there is an additional ankle protection point on the outers.
I will update this review as I wear the boots with anything relevant. But at this stage I am very impressed with them