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Large Scale Warship Models.

Large Scale Warship Models.

Kerry Jang
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This was a book that I normally wouldn't bother with as such, as it isn't my normal type of model making, but I thought I'd give it a go if only to see if there were any tips I could find and use. I didn't, but what I did find was a very informative read which gave me an insight into the world of large scale model making.

The book is a hard back of just under 110 pages and contains some really good photographs as well as detailed descriptions of the methods used to make the models, which are the authors own.

The book, I felt, is aimed at those who are thinking of venturing into the world of large scale modelling and the chapters follow a chronological order; the components, materials, types of models (kits, semi-kits and hulls) and manufacturers of the various types. The various types of tools are covered well as is the different types of glues and modelling putty. There is also a nod to the safety aspect of working with materials such as fibreglass, plastic and wood.

The book then takes the reader through the process of building the ship and offers tips and advice as to the best ways of doing particular parts of the ship. As mentioned earlier, the text is detailed, but not difficult to follow, to the point that even a novice with a basic knowledge of DIY could follow and build their own model successfully and the photographs show some amazing details.

I enjoyed reading through the book and though it didn't inspire me to give it a go, it helped me appreciate the dedication that goes into making one of these huge models (one of those shown in the gallery section is 62" long).

4 Mushroom heads
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