Lab Rats

Lab Rats

Dan Lyons
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Personality tests. Team-building exercises. Forced Fun. Desktop surveillance. Open-plan offices. Acronyms. Diminishing job security. Hot desking. Pointless perks. Hackathons. If any of the above sound familiar, welcome to the modern economy. In this hilarious, but deadly serious book, bestselling author Dan Lyons looks at how the world of work has slowly morphed from one of unions and steady career progression to a dystopia made of bean bags and unpaid internships. And that's the 'good' jobs...
With the same wit that made Disrupted an international bestseller, Lyons shows how the hypocrisy of Silicon Valley has now been exported globally to a job near you. Even low-grade employees are now expected to view their jobs with a cult-like fervour, despite diminishing prospects of promotion. From the gig economy to the new digital oligarchs, Lyons deliciously roasts the new work climate, while asking what can be done to recoup some sanity and dignity for the expanding class of middle-class serfs.

Wow this is it troops my book of the year 2018 ! a last minute entrant sweeps the board. This was a pot luck edition for me to review so I had no preconceived ideas about this subject. Except, once I started reading it it was about my life in the Corporate world of middle management. Arrse posters write endlessly about Civies having no loyalty in work and that your work friends will stab you in the back at their earliest convenience; well this book explains why. How the Corporate Adventurists load cash into upping the share price of a company with the only objective to make them and the CEO's rich and damn the rest of the people . They don't even care what the company makes or provides just as long as they can get the most out of the shares before the company goes bust or is sold on in the pass the parcel world of modern commerce. Grow the shares not the company .

Netflix and other big names have the slogan " we are not a family we are a team " so the benefits are few and job security is non existent by design, however the workers are expected to sublimate themselves to the company culture with the aid of company ping pong tables and a bar. They are constantly told to "get on message" to "be part of the program". Also the sword of unemployment hangs over these who work in large corporations who are quoted on the stock market; the worry that these folks have families and mortgagees is only used to apply more pressure to comply until they are replaced by other folks. These new employees are "Tour of Duty " workers signed up on year contracts to fulfill a particular function then let go to go to another "Tour" or the gig worker who is not employed on any contract at all working on what was called in the old days of the docks "on the cobbles" high pressure obscene targets ( white van man and his 250 / 300 parcels a day ) with no job security and one firm even devised a way to make gig workers pay the company for cover if they took holidays!

These working practices have an impact in the places where this work is done; look at Google, Amazon etc who pay little or no taxes in the countries they operate in, in fact they drain the economy by putting out to bid to the local authorities to see who will provide the largest benefits to have a corporate operation in their area. It has an impact on house prices, rental fees etc . That's without the mental stress and pressure brought up on the middle management and middle classes who have suffered the most in this new economy.

I have been there I know that this book is so right I kept saying to myself "oh yes that's why". Once being interviewed by a recruitment agency for registration taking no regard of my excellent C.V and References I was asked to pick up a bunch of coloured sticks throw them on the table and then pick them up in order of colour preference; when I asked why and what would the results show, I was informed that I was not allowed to be told. (I walked out, and still got a placement.) This book is full of the latest Coporate guru philosophies. Just be aware if you are given lego to play with and asked to make a DUCK. I kid you not Lego serious Play is just around the corner the latest management philosophy imported from the States.

I urge you if you work in blue or white collar operations of the like of Google, Amazon, BHS etc to read this book it could save your sanity and explain why all your work colleagues are Bastards ! :cool:

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