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Stephen Chambers
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
The Gallipoli campaign has been well documented, studied and revised over the decades. British, Australian and Turkish historians and writers have delved deep into historical records.

The Turks saw Gallipoli as a key moment in the founding of the modern Turkish state. The Australians and New Zealanders see it as the time their armies came of age. The British see it from a slightly different perspective, the sacrifice almost eclipsed by the casualties of the Somme the next year.

Students of littoral warfare can see the campaign as a case book study of amphibious warfare in the days before landing craft , specialised landing ships or amphibious vehicles. The Gunners are always keen on the NGLO (Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer) element, while logisticians can have a field day studying the supply aspect of the campaign.

From the point of a military reader the key point is what does this book by Stephen Chambers have to offer the reader?

For anyone planning a post Covid battlefield tour the book is an essential purchase. Handy pocket sized and with an excellent Advice To Tourers Section which is up to date and full of helpful information.

One particularly good section is the information on the French contribution to Gallipoli which is sometimes underplayed by British writers.

As for the book itself it is well organised with a workable index and bibliography. The publishers are Pen & Sword who (as ever) produce to a good standard. Photos are on matt paper but relevant and sensibly chosen. There are good maps throughout. It is part of the Battleground series.

The book is priced at £14.99 in paperback with copies from £12.99
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