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Tony Park
Five hundred and sixty one pages, some full of drama, intrigue, deception and love, but each page leaving you looking for more.

Ivory, a story of modern day pirates who are located on a private beach just off the coast of Mozambique where an old luxury hotel stands and which is the property of the leader of this gang of high sea thieves. The leader is Alex Tremain whose parents, now both deceased, owned this once high brow hotel and had to leave during the uprising when Portugal handed over independence; now with Mozambique needing money he is back with one goal in mind, to reopen the hotel and bring back its glory days. Piracy is a means to an end!

His gang of pirates are from all around the globe but have one thing in common, they are all highly trained ex forces, Alex himself been a former Captain in the Royal Marines.

The book starts off with Introducing us to Jane a high flying lawyer who works for George Penfold, CEO of Penfold Shipping based in London. Penfold Shipping are in discussions to take over a shipping company in South Africa. Unfortunately for Jane she can't fly, her fear is real and she simply does not fly! The author also takes us to Alex and his pirates taking a ship in The Indian Ocean full of high end value vehicles destined for South Africa, action from almost the first page.

And thus starts a story that has you gripped from the first page to the last. Jane is sent ahead on Penfolds newest and largest container ship which George will meet in South Africa. On route however things go from bad to worse for Jane and Penfold.

The story takes you from the white sands of the beach, which reminded me of Mombassa and on to the African Bush. The author who was a Major in the Australian reserve has written several books and I must say that he really does bring the whole story to life.

I am not going into detail as this is a fictional story, I don't want to spoil it for those who will go and buy this book or borrow it from their local library but it does take the reader from the shores of England to South Africa via Mozambique, with plenty of blood shed along the way.

There are times when I thought, “bloody hell that's handy, or that's lucky“, but let's not over think it ey, it's a story, a bit like a James Bond movie, it's fictional and it is damn fine entertainment and that is exactly what this book is, a damn fine fast moving read which has you reading “just one more chapter, ok, just one more“!!

Will the gang pull off their biggest job to date? You'll have to read the book, I'm confident you won't be dissapointed if you do buy this book, well I was when I finished it, I closed the book and thought, “there's a bloody good adventure going on inside those pages“! This book has been published twice in Australia and now we are lucky in that it has recently been published here in The Uk.

Five out of Five Mushroom heads!
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