It Could Just Happen

It Could Just Happen

Robert Perryment
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
I received this novel as one of A-Y’s ‘surprises’; it wouldn’t necessarily have been one I’d have chosen. However, after a sceptical start, I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to readers as a nice bit of ‘plausible escapism’.

Although it’s an adventure/thriller story, it starts slowly and develops its central characters well. Unfortunately this means that the final couple of chapters appear rushed. I’d have like to have seen the outcome developed a bit further. Maybe there's scope for a sequel, but it probably couldn't be quite so exciting.

Overall, it’s a nice plot, with well-drawn characters, and offers some interesting insights into philosopy, religion, critical thinking and alternative ways of living and. Against a background of conflicts – Brexit/Remain, Citizens/Hooligans, ISIS/UN Coalition, EU/NATO, Christianity/atheism/Islam, the story unfolds gradually as the characters grow into the roles they play in it. The main event is slightly implausible although as the title says – It Could Just Happen.

I think the ending which would make a lot of people happy if it were to actually happen, but the Cynic in me just doesn’t think that human beings could make that so.

I shall certainly look out for the author’s autobiography, which I believe is ‘in production’ at the moment. His writing style is clear, and keeps the story moving along nicely. From the blurb in this book, his life is certainly worth of closer reading.

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