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Inspector Hobbes and the Blood

Wilkie Martin
Andy Caplet is a ( very) junior reporter working on a small local newspaper in Sorenchester, a small town in the Cotswolds. He is also a very poor reporter, in fact, his last story only made the paper because he was judging a childrens pet show and the winning pet - a small hamster - latched onto his ear drawing copius amounts of blood and causing the said reporter to wreck the entire event. Andy's next task is to shadow Inspector Hobbes of the local police force for a couple of days. Hobbes has a fearsome reputation and is rumoured to be vicious, unforgiving and not easy to get along with, and so it is with not a little trepidation and an enormous amount of fear that Caplet arrives at Hobbes home to meet him.

In the event, Hobbes turns out to nowhere near as fearsome as Andy expected, however he is rather odd. Different in a way that Caplet can't quite put his finger on. Andy also meets Hobbes' housekeeper, Mrs Goodfellow - referred to by Hobbes as 'the lass', even though she appears to be rather ancient. She turns out to be a fantastic cook and superb housekeeper. She also has a surprising interest in dentistry, or at least in teeth, of which she has a large collection, most of which have been supplied by the pub landlord Featherlight after his pub closes for the evening.

Having met Hobbes and sundry other in his circle, Caplet begins to believe that not all is at it seems - or should be - in the town and that Hobbes whils giving the appearance of being human may actually be ..........well, unhuman.

I found this book by chance on Kindle and decided to give it a try. I am so very glad that I did. I wasn't totally sure where the story was going but I was very content to go along for the ride. I enjoyed this book so much that I bought - yes, bought - the rest in the series. Now that is not something I do very often, after all, as a book reviewer I'm accustomed to not having to part with money, but I leapt at the chance here.

How to describe the books? Well, if you like Terry Pratchett, Tom Sharpe or Tom Holt then this is the book for you. If you like absurdity, good writing, mouth-watering descriptions of food and humour then you will love this book. I did.

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