Infantry Small Arms of the 21st Century

Infantry Small Arms of the 21st Century

Leigh Neville
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This is, as can be seen, a comprehensive list of the small arms used by armies around the world. And comprehensive it indeed is. It's not a book to be read as a one off but rather a valuable reference book that is as detailed as anything else one can find.
The book does appear to include most, if not all, of the many armies and defence forces around the globe and contains many fascinating details of the weapons.

Of course, there is a preponderance of the AR and Ak families, in all their incarnations, along with a multitude of HK and Glock manufactured equipment. Even our own rather controversial SA80 gets an almost honourable mention, with the LSW variant being somewhat less than honourably mentioned.

I can recall a time when Ian Hogg had what seemed to be a monopoly on books of this ilk, and I think I may still have one of his tucked away somewhere, and to be honest, I preferred his style over this book. Having said that, this is possibly one of the more detailed tomes on the subject.

If you are at all interested in modern military small arms, if you want a reference book that gives you as much details as is acceptable, then this is an invaluable reference work.

A very useful addition to a bookshelf.
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