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In the Name of Love.

Patrick Smith.
ARRSE Rating
2 Mushroom Heads
A young woman is brutally murdered on an island near Stockholm. Suspicion falls first on a family of Iraqi refugees, initially welcomed into the community but gradually feared and shunned. But then, as the victims story unfolds, suspicion begins inexorably to fall elsewhere.

Kena Sundman was rude , dysfunctional, and very young. Everything a reserved manlike Dan Byrne disliked. Taking refuge on the island after the sudden death of his wife, Dan finds himself strangely drawn to the troubled girl, starting from the moment he reluctantly rescues her in the teeth of a gathering snowstorm.

What should have been a thriller on the lines of the Girl with the dragon tattoo, actually turned out to a dismally torpid tale akin to those old 1960 Swedish black and white art-house films that no one could understand so they gave them awards for being ‘art’. The plot is mostly given away in the first few chapters and by chapter ten I was still awaiting something interesting to happen.

The use an ARSSEr would find for this book is to give it to an elderly maiden aunt who after she has read it will take it to the day centre to swap it for a book on knitting penguins. I am sorry to be so negative but the narrative was a dull as ditch-water and I wondered if OLD ‘UN was punishing for some overdue misdemeanor me by asking me to review it . two mushroom heads for the day centre people.
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