In Peace and War, The Story of the Queens Royal Hussars (QRH)

In Peace and War, The Story of the Queens Royal Hussars (QRH)

Robin Rhoderick-Jones
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With a foreword by HRH Prince Philip

To write the history of such an old established regiment takes a an immense amount of hard work and dedication, but here Robin Rhoderick- Jones has laid out the long and illustrious history of the Q.R.H. right up to the present day , the book is is very detailed in every way and well laid out , each chapter recording events as they happened, with superb maps and photographs, the changes and mergers with other regiments, and the integration of new fighting techniques and equipment, as well as visits by dignitaries and their part in State funerals

Chapter one: The early days
Following two armed rebellions by Duke of Monmouth and the Earl of Argyll in 1685 ,King James the II formed two regiments of dragoons to provide him with a standing army to deter any more attempts at rebellion , the author takes us through the formation of these regiments and their liveries and dedication, and then their battle honours initially in Ireland against the catholic forces, their actions in Belgium and the nine years war, the first chapter takes us right up to 1815 and the Battle of Waterloo.

Chapter two: Colonial Campaigns and the Great War
Chapter two covers in great detail such familiar names as Afghanistan, Bombay and the Punjab, the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava in great detail along with maps and original photographs, the joining of Winston Churchill in 1895 , and the layout of the forces governing India; the Matabele and Boer wars, and then the Regiment's move into France in 1914 where they gained so many honours. All of the battles are covered in great detail along with the awards given.

Chapter three: Mechanization and peace in Europe
We learn here of the last mounted parade of the 8th Hussars in 1932 before they retrain with the newly issued Mk V1B tanks

Chapter four: The Second World War
Starting with the 8th moving to Palestine in 1938 to keep the peace between the Jews and the Arabs ,
the regiment then comes into the fore in the desert war of 1940 , Tobruk being one of the many famous battles they participated in ,as well as Ceylon, and right up to crossing the Rhine and their part in the Victory parade at war end

Chapter five: Amalgamation
At war's end the 3rd Kings Own Hussars found themselves keeping the peace in Syria and Lebanon, rescuing the Vichy French Garrison from the threat of murder by the locals, becoming the first airborne cavalry unit and keeping the peace in Haifa before being converted back to a cavalry regiment and moving to Germany. The integration of National Servicemen and border patrols against the Russians, Malaya soon follow, then Korea until 1958 when the old Regiments were merged with the Royal Irish regiments

Chapter six: The Parent regiments
The amalgamation of the 3rd and 7th Hussars, Aden, Borneo, Winston Churchill's burial party, Hong Kong

Chapter seven: The Troubles
Northern Ireland and a move to Paderborn

Chapter eight: Tercentenaries
Into the 1980s, Detmold, Canada, Rhodesia, Cyprus

Chapter nine: The Gulf War and Amalgamation

Chapter ten: The Queens Royal Hussars,
The first five years, BAOR, Bosnia , N.I.

Chapter eleven: Athlone Barracks
New home, new tanks, new adventures.
Germany, The Balkans, H.M Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) Funeral , Basra,

Chapter Twelve:
Iraq again and Afghanistan

Chapter 13: What next
The London Olympics, Germany,

Appendix A
Colonels in Chief and Regimental Colonels

Appendix B
Battle Honours

Appendix C
The Victoria Cross

Appendix D
Regimental Music and Nicknames

Appendix E
Commanding Officers and Regimental Sergeant Majors

Appendix F
Affiliated regiments

The book comprises of 300 pages, with 40 plates, and 26 maps and is hardback and of high quality paper. I have not tried to quote from the book as it is so comprehensive, and each chapter covers such a large swathe of history. 335 years is a long period to cover and the author does so very well. In many ways it is several books, as each century is such a massive sea change in military equipment, training and personnel.

A good long and comprehensive read for any one interested in the History of the country and its Armed Forces.

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