Images of War: The Armour of Rommel's Afrika Korps

Images of War: The Armour of Rommel's Afrika Korps

Ian Baxter
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I asked for this book for a couple of reasons. As a scale modeller the photos would come in handy for future projects and my great-uncle Charlie fought in the Western Desert, so it's a campaign I've always had an interest in.

Like the other Images of war book I had about armour in the battles for Monte Cassino, it proved to be a very interesting read. The several chapters dealt briefly with the different phases of the campaign but had enough detail in them to keep one interested and give a fairly comprehensive account of what happened during them and the subsequent developments.

As expected, the photographs were excellent, with several showing Rommel and his staff poring over plans or discussing the battle. The ones showing the various pieces of armour were very good and gave me some ideas for future diorama/vignette projects. What I really liked was that they weren't showing "action" pics but photos from before or after battle or away from the battlefield, making them more of a personal nature.

This is only a brief review as the book itself is quite a brief read with the majority of pages being taken up with photographs. I find the IoW books to be a quick afternoon read with most of the interest being the pictures, many of which are rare and have not been widely seen before and I recommend them to anyone with an interest in militaria. And for £14.99, a relative bargain.

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