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Images of War - the Americans on D-Day and in Normandy

Images of War - the Americans on D-Day and in Normandy

Brooke S Blades
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
Images of War – the Americans on D-Day and in Normandy by Brooke S. Blades
Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

This book provides a comprehensive description of the part played by the US Army, from preparations in England, through their joint invasion of occupied France on 6 June 1944 and subsequent battles in Normandy, to the aftermath including the cemeteries and the battlefield sites in the 21st century. Despite the excellent and well-researched narrative, the true gem of this publication is the use of over 100 compelling photographs from 1944 and beyond which bring out the true cost and horror of the Battle of Normandy.

Following a solid Introduction, each Chapter moves effortlessly and concisely through the events of summer 1944 – each one with plenty of maps and whole pages of photographs, some rare and others unpublished until now. This theme continues until the end of the book in which the Author even includes some ‘then and now’ comparison shots. This is one of those rare historic books where a long, blow-by-blow review would be superfluous. It is excellent, is packed with information and illustrations, and should be on the wanted list of anyone with any level of interest in the Invasion and Battle of Normandy in 1944. Oh, and at a recommended £15.99, it’s a bargain!

Pen and Sword. ISBN: 1526743965.

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