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Images of War :  MacArthur`s Papua New Guinea Offensive 1942-1943

Images of War : MacArthur`s Papua New Guinea Offensive 1942-1943

Jon Diamond
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Another book from the very high quality Images of War series from Pen and Swords books.

When the Japanese Landed on Rabaul in January 1942 , Dougals MacArthur took over the command of the Southwest Pacific area, to prevent the threat of the Japanese attacking mainland Australia.In July 1942 the Japanese attacked across the Owen Stanley Mountain range but thanks to prompt action by both Australian and Imperial forces troops they were halted 27 miles from Port Moresby.

MacArthur focused his troops on on New Guinea and New Britain, capturing the airfields and occupying major strategic towns. In November 1942 he opened the Allied Offensive With Australian Infantrymen backed up with light tanks fighting alongside the U.S. 32nd Div. The conditions and terrain were difficult enough without the Japanese forces in occupation, but they finally destroyed all of the formidable Japanese armed forces by January 1943.

Jon Diamond the author is a very knowledgeable and keen historian and here he has put together a fine book with hundreds of hitherto unseen images, and a record of the battle, normally unseen images such as the Japanese camouflage and fortifications, the weaponry, and the difficult terrain that claimed men and munitions; all are here.

The quality of the imagery is stunning with very few of the traditional posed photographs, these were mostly snapped quickly during the action, as can be evidenced by the smoke and the concentration on the Troops faces. Also included are images taken from the Japanese forces that show their apparent faith in overall victory.

Chapter One
Overview of the South West Pacific area in 1942 and the strategic importance of Papua
Map 1 Strategic overview of the Pacific War 1941-1942
Map 2 The Solomon Islands and Bismarck Archipelago 1942-1943
Map 3 The Papuan Campaign , July 1942-January 1943
Map 4 MacArthur's counter-offensive against Buna-Giruwa-Sanananda-Gona Front November 1942

Chapter Two
Terrain , Weaponry and Fortifications
Map 5 Allied combat on the Warren Force Front, 18-28 December 1942

Chapter Three
Commanders and Combatants

Chapter Four
The Allied Attacks on the Buna, 16th November 1942 to 22nd January1943
Map 6 Combat on the Urbana force Front , 18th -28th December 1942

Chapter Five
The Allied Attacks on Gona, Sanananda and Giruwa


236 pages with 281 high quality images, apart from a handful taken during the final stages, each image places you there in this far of theatre of the Second World War, that is so little known by many Europeans.

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