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Images of War : Kent At War 1939-45

Images of War : Kent At War 1939-45

Mark Khan
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
Your County in WW2 books are 2 a penny with some pretty poor examples. However, in this case Mark Khan has produced an excellent little book. The pictures have first class notes and eagle eyed readers will be delighted with his attention to detail , who could confuse a Lewis Machine Gun with the Lewis Machine Gun Mark SS. Few details escape his eagle eye.

While many of his competitors merely caption (often carelessly) the author gives interesting facts to augment the text. The reviewer learnt that many of the Thomson Guns issued to the Home Guard were originally intended for the French Army . Obscure bits of kit such as Conundrum even enter the book.

The book is laid out in date order from the start of the war until VE day . There are ten chapters with a fairly thin bibliography and index. Illustrations are to a high standard and relevant, if there is any doubt as to unit identities and the like this is clearly highlighted.

Pen & Sword have brought a useful and entertaining book to the market and no doubt it will sell particularly well in Kent. The book runs to 134 pages with a few headed pages for notes at the rear. Cover price is £14.99 ,Kindle £10.79 and copies on Amazon from £7.99
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