Images of War – Japan Triumphant

Images of War – Japan Triumphant

Philip Jowett
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3 Mushroom Heads
Another Images of War volume from Pen and Sword covering the leadup to and first six months of the war with Japan. As usual it’s a paperback book, the paper being non glossy but good enough for the job. It is split down into 14 well illustrated chapters in roughly chronological/geographical order. The war at sea covering the six months from December 41 to May 41 being kept to one chapter. While I had a rough idea of the involvement of the British and US forces involved, I have seen little of the Philippines Army and Dutch East Indies Army and Navy and there are chapters covering them and their part in the struggle which I found of interest. Each chapter comes with an introduction covering 2-3 pages covering the rough political, economic, strategic and tactical scenes.

The photographs are a mixture of training, posed, action and a few forged photographs. Being pre photoshop these are easy to tell. Each photo comes with a caption, usually factual, at times opinionated, occasionally wrong. There are a few spelling mistakes which an automated spell check should have found. With the exception of the naval chapter the majority of photographs are soldier and personal equipment based, but also artillery and mortars. There are some of vehicles but because of the nature of the armies and the campaign there not that many of trucks and AFVs; mainly of less well-known types. There are a few shots of aircraft, some of them being unknown to me before I read this book.

The naval chapter suffers from poor research. Despite correctly being called a heavy cruiser in the introduction, HMS Cornwall is described in her photo as a destroyer. An excellent picture of the destroyer HMS Electra is captioned ‘The heavy cruiser HMS Exeter…’ I suspect the picture of HMS Paladin is not as she was at the time, the caption about her rescuing the crews of HMS Cornwall and Dorsetshire also calls them destroyers.

The book would will be of interest to anyone who wanted to increase their limited knowledge of the Far East War, and for a modeler with an interest in some unusual figures or dioramas. £14.99.

Three Mr Mushroom Heads.

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