Hunting for Wolves

Hunting for Wolves

Chris Darnell
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In the former Yugoslavia the ethnic cleansing has begun. Fragmenting states and a breakdown in the rule of order has contributed to political chaos and the emergence of genocidal atrocities. At the heart of one of these is a General with his own personal elite; the Wolves of the VRS. He will now become the target of the newly-formed War Crimes Tribunal, but first he has to be found and taken. That job has been devolved to a detachment from the Special Air Service.
At the same time, a whistle-blower from an industrial factory in Dagenham has contacted the British government and told them of illegal sanction busting by his firm, a firm that is now owned by the French and is supplying components for artillery to Belgrade. The ability to prove this would be of immense use to the British, especially as the likelihood of EU and NATO intervention looms closer. How can this proof be obtained?
Colonel Paul Stanton, former SAS officer, now in a staff job, is called back to active duty to obtain that proof and it becomes a mission that melds with the search for war criminals.

The author, Chris Darnell, is one of us, a member of this site. He is also a former officer who was commissioned into the Gurkhas and spent ten years with them before moving to the K.O.S.B where he did several tours in N.Ireland, was awarded an M.I.D and an MBE. He commanded his battalion in the first Gulf War.

I've read all of the Paul Stanton series and enjoyed every one. This particular book will be of interest especially to those who served in Bosnia/ Serbia and that general area. It captures the tensions, the atmosphere of despair and the lack of hope, however it is not dystopian by any means. There is humour and a genial and very likeable gangster who is very helpful.

All in all a good read. Plenty of action and a plot that fizzes along nicely.

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