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How to Survive in the Wild.

How to Survive in the Wild.

Sam Martin & Christian Casucci
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How to Survive in the Wild.

I’m not going to lie, when I opened this book I was rather expecting an attempt at a definitive survival guide as per one of Lofty Wiseman’s worthy tomes. I’m afraid I was disappointed if I’m truly honest.

On first impressions the book contains a pretty standard array of survival advice that will be all to familiar to most that have spent even a reasonably short time in military service (here I exempt a large section of the RAF). Solar stills, basic shelters, fire lighting, and map reading. I was hoping for more in depth stuff and was disappointed.

Then I decided to ignore my first impressions and get on with reading the whole thing (I mean that’s what I get paid……. Well ok, get free books for). On further study the book is much more than I first assumed. It is not actually trying to be a definitive survival guide as such, the authors are American and the real slant of the book is actually more as a guide to living in the vast tracts of wilderness still open to the citizens of that Continent.

When read with that in mind, the book makes a lot more sense. The chapters on log cabin construction (with a plentiful supply of tools and plywood), start to fit into place. It is not really intended as a reference guide as to what to do when you have crawled out of a plane crash on a desert island. When viewed in this context the book is a much better read and full of useful advice for even the most casual of campers (or glampers as I believe some refer to themselves as).

Hard core survivalists might want to look elsewhere but for me, I’m happy to slip it into my Bergan in a plastic bag. You never know when you might need a few prompts for the old grey matter, and if nothing else it’s a ready supply of fire starting material.

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