Hitler's Paratroopers in Normandy

Hitler's Paratroopers in Normandy

Gilberto Villahermosa
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I requested this book to review as I thought I could use it as research for a trip to Normandy with some friends in 2021 and have some locations to look up during the trip and it has fulfilled its purpose very well.

The book tells the story of the German II Parachute Corps during the Normandy campaign and the retreat towards Germany and the fate of the Divisions and Regiments that made up the Corps. The German II Parachute Corps was the Wehrmact's second largest parachute formation of the war and played a pivotal role in the fighting in Normandy between 6th June and 31st August 1944 and would play an equally important role in the final defence of the Third Reich as the heart and soul of the First Parachute Army.
Yet no history has been written of this elite formation. This book goes some way to rectify that.

The book deals with both the various personalities such as Eugen Meindl, the man who raised and commanded the Corps and the different Divisional and Regimental commanders such as General Hermann Ramke, commander of 2nd Parachute Division and Major August Freiiherr von der Heydte of the 6th Parachute Regiment, the 'Lions of Carentan' who famously fought against the 'Band of Brothers' of the 506 PIR.

The stories of the different units gives an insight to the absolutely brutal, often hand to hand, fighting that characterised the Normandy campaign and it was refreshing to have it from the 'other side' for a change as most histories seem to focus on the Allied side of things.

Including the usual foreword, introduction and index the book comes in at over 330 pages with several maps and photographs to satisfy both history buffs and Second World War enthusiasts alike and at £25.00 for the hard back version is not bad value.
I found the book a cracking read and at times hard to put down. I thoroughly recommend it.
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