Hitler's Light Tanks

Hitler's Light Tanks

Paul Thomas
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From early 1939-1940 Blitzkrieg campaigns and the attack on Russia in 1941, Hitler’s Light Tanks are well documented in these pages. There are many rare and previously unpublished images and some great action shots. There are well over a hundred action images with detailed captions. Anyone with an interests in light Tank and armoured vehicles will warm to this book. The tank makers favoured the 3.7 cm gun on many of the tanks, that struck me as being a little small but it was used in many roles and apparently to good effect. It was also used by the Pak 35/36 anti-Tank Gun which worked in conjunction with the light tank squadrons.

The book is part of the ‘Images of War’ series. There is no ‘in-depth’ reading to be done, but merely to study the images and the captions then to take it all in. In doing so one has to admire the German engineers and craftsmen that turned out these Tanks in many forms and designs. Some of the light tanks were taken from the Poles and the Czechs early in the war and used by the Wehrmacht until war’s end.

I recommend the book and enjoyed reading it. The book is now free to anyone that wishes to PM me an address. It will go into the post FOC, first come first served!

I rate the book 4 stars.

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