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Hitler's Invasion of East Anglia 1940

Hitler's Invasion of East Anglia 1940

Martin W Bowman
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
Unternehmen "Seelöwe" (Operation Sealion) was cancelled by Adolf Hitler because the Luftwaffe failed to gain superiority of the skies and the Kriegsmarine were not able to give adequate protection for an invasion fleet against the Royal Navy. Despite this there some incursions into England by various German units during WW2.

This book uncovers the history of these events which involved the Home Guard and Auxiliary Units and the German Fallschirmjäger and Brandenburgers (5th column troops in civilian or British army clothing).

Many myths, legends and rumours are explained including the "Setting the sea on fire" legend.

In 1974 a war game was played out at RMAS Sandhurst to discover what might have happened had Op Sealion gone ahead in September 1940, The book gives a detailed account of that war game.

In all, an interesting and enjoyable read giving an insight into some of the more secretive side of the Home Guard Auxiliary Units.

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