Hitlers Atrocities Against Allied PoWs

Hitlers Atrocities Against Allied PoWs

Philip D Chinnery
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This is a book as its title implies about atrocities or war crimes committed against Allied POWs during the second World War. It’s a shocking read, and quite brutal episodes were well described.

I felt it was a compendium of oft read episodes in other books in a neater format i.e. all in one place, and is probably a useful research book in that it is written by theatre or country and therefore relatively easy to access information about those specific theatres...

“OK History Channel – we get it Hitler was bad!” kept coming to mind. I’d heard this expression or seen it written down somewhere and I felt with every chapter that point was being hammered home.

The book is not an easy read and I found myself struggling to wade on and into the next chapter. It felt repetitive which considering the subject matter I felt guilty about, yet reading it felt like a duty after a while. I guess the subject matter is so intense that when it’s all correlated into one, its gruelling. The layout includes [for each theatre of war and operation] statistics of death, outline, punishment for perpetrators/or whether they got away with it [including death sentences/prison sentences/early release etc] and includes many interjections by the author showing his chagrin at Courts decisions for example... this personalised the book with his subjectivity, rather than leaving it to the reader to draw their own conclusions. It has appropriate acknowledgements, glossary, appendix sections, and photographs.

I’ve probably been unduly hard in my review of this book which is probably due to the subject matter rather than any criticism of the author, it was a terrible period in our history and deserves writing about – it’s just a harrowing read

I feel a book regarding the Japanese atrocities is probably already in the pipeline... Episode two?

A sobering, and uncomfortable read. Not a book I enjoyed but useful to have on the shelf.

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