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Histories of the Unexpected – The Romans

Histories of the Unexpected – The Romans

Sam Willis and James Daybell
ARRSE Rating
3 Mushroom Heads
At this time of year, I receive many books of a quirky nature which are designed for the Christmas present market; this book seems to be one of them. I have no problem with that as often a wee gem pops out and while not the greatest this book does have a lot going for it.

This is not a book which takes the Romans from the days of Romulus and Remus to Romulus Augustus, considered to be the last Western Roman Emperor. No, this book is about the quirks of Roman life such as tattoos, wicked stepmothers and even how to kiss. The Romans had several different types of kiss to denote the status of the people involved. Status to the Romans was everything and they took pains, sometimes literally, to ensure that; tattooing slaves and soldiers to ensure people knew at a glance what their occupation was.

This book brings together a huge amount of trivia about the Romans which put together gives a better understanding of their raison d'être and where individuals stood in society.

This is quite a small book containing just under 200 pages for such a huge subject, but the authors have done a good job in condensing the history of Romans into the covers. To assist the reader, at the back is a very extensive Further Reading sections pointing the more serious scholar to the areas that will give more detailed information. Big plus point.

The book is fun to read and very informative if that era is an area of interest, which it is to me. I enjoyed it and glad that I received this for review. If you do have an interest, then this is one for you to drop big hints to your family in the coming weeks so on 25/12 you wake up to this wrapped and ready to go!

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