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Heinkel 111. The early years -Fall of France, Battle of Britain and The Blitz. By Chris Goss.

Chris Goss.
As a child of the seventies I grew up on a diet of Warlord, Battle Action, and Commando comics, interspersed with films such as Reach For The Sky, The Dambusters, and of course The Battle of Britain. I made Airfix models and read whatever I could get my hands on about the Second World War.

One of my abiding memories is the image of the wide bodied, glazed nosed He 111, adorned with German Crosses and crewed by aircrew in their distinctive flight helmets and oxygen masks approaching Britain in the film of those desperate days in 1940.

This book is a fantastically detailed examination of that aircraft and the part it played in those early years. The author Chris Goss a retired RAF Wing Commander has excelled himself in the depths of research for the text and the quality of the images.

The book is 146 pages crammed with rare photographs of the Aircraft in use, each photograph has a detailed description, and in many cases a brief biography of the crew and what happened to them. The markings, armament, and various models and roles are all discussed but it is the pictures that are the real focus of the volume. The aircraft is shown in flight, in action, and all to often having been shot down.

Any aviation enthusiast, model maker, or like me interested amateur will find this book an excellent reference work. I highly recommend it.

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