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Happy Odyssey

Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart
Happy Odyssey

Author Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart

One of the greatest, I guess you would say, eccentrics (although that doesn't sound really right in this case) of all time. I don't mean that in a disparaging way but more in a sense of awe. This is his life as written by him. This is both the best and the worst of this book. On one hand it provides us with his view of himself and his life, on the other it it is infuriatingly lacking in some facts. For instance his wife and two daughters aren't given a single mention in it! He deserves the V.C. for that act of bravery alone!

It covers his amazing military career from the Boer War through to the Second World War a period between the wars as a “Polish gentleman” and the final part set in China as Winston Churchill's personal representative.

The book itself is shorter than the 287 pages imply as it's in quite large print and sadly has no photos or other illustrations. While I appreciate it is an autobiography I do think that a 2017 reprint should have had an additional preface or end word mentioning his marriages, children and his death at the age of 83 on 5 June 1963. This omission left me feeling a little disappointed and the book IMO a little incomplete.

That said I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is a fascinating read

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All in all I would give this 3 ½ Mushroom heads
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