Jeffrey Plowman
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3.5 Mushroom Heads
Jeffery Plowman has a notable track record as a military writer, having already researched and written on both Greece and the Balkans. In both cases theatres less well covered than France and the Western Desert. He has over fifteen books in print to date The story starts with a brief historical background , followed by the political tides at the time. All of which help to explain the rationale behind weakening Allied forces in the Western Desert.
There are plenty of myths and common miscomprehensions surrounding the Greek campaign , particularly the area of Ultra intelligence on the allied side. Non military readers may be surprised to learn that the German Fallschirmjäger were part of the air force not army. The Greek campaign was their last strategic deployment as airborne forces.

The author has 185 pages of well researched material with a decent amount of original source material as well as other published sources. There is a workable index and bibliography; and an ORBAT which is always a great help for the serious reader.

Illustrations are well chosen, properly captioned and printed on glossy photo quality paper. There are some helpful statistics, particularly examining British tank losses. The book seems aimed at the military rather than generalist reader and unusually for Pen & Sword there are a few proof reading errors, page 179 refers to a Great War date as 2016. Page 194 shows that Generalleutenant is the equivalent of a Lieutenant Colonel rather than a Lieutenant General. The eagle eyed will note that a Oberfuhrer is an SS rank not Wehrmacht, the latter not having an equivalent of Brigadier.

It is priced at £19.99 with copies on Amazon from around £11.80

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