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Good Men Dont Do Nothing

P W Jordan
Two men pick up a sleazy government official and incarcerate him in a cell in a French farmhouse owned by this secretive group. What he has is also wanted by MI6 and off course the CIA; but the people holding him appear to be an unattributable unit of well connected ex forces bods. The group is lead by their dying leader who calls on an old pal from the army days to take over the mission.

This starts like the Feather Men or the A Team, the book has all the possibilities of being a great racing thriller, except it does neither. I was like an archaeologist digging up all the bones of an ancient being in an unexpected area , all I needed to find were some items to put this corpse in context a coin here, a bit of gold jewellery or some fabric to tell more about the bones. We have a great story here but it's not finished, there was no colour so more description of people places and things are needed. Each chapter needs to end with a cliffhanger in order to draw the reader into the next phase. I guess this book to be seventy five pages short, with those added we will have a good product . 2.75
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