Good Men Dont Do Nothing

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    P W Jordan
    Two men pick up a sleazy government official and incarcerate him in a cell in a French farmhouse owned by this secretive group. What he has is also wanted by MI6 and off course the CIA; but the people holding him appear to be an unattributable unit of well connected ex forces bods. The group is lead by their dying leader who calls on an old pal from the army days to take over the mission.

    This starts like the Feather Men or the A Team, the book has all the possibilities of being a great racing thriller, except it does neither. I was like an archaeologist digging up all the bones of an ancient being in an unexpected area , all I needed to find were some items to put this corpse in context a coin here, a bit of gold jewellery or some fabric to tell more about the bones. We have a great story here but it's not finished, there was no colour so more description of people places and things are needed. Each chapter needs to end with a cliffhanger in order to draw the reader into the next phase. I guess this book to be seventy five pages short, with those added we will have a good product . 2.75

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  1. MikeEdington
    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to review my novel. I should point out that I’m not some precious, arty type who’s averse to criticism so I’m happy to hear your thoughts. To illustrate that, the book’s been out a couple of years now, but a very early comment saw Chapter 2 hit the bin to be replaced by something completely different. As the writer, I can only have an opinion on the construction of the piece, such as whether or not all the full stops and commas are in the right place, etcetera. What I can’t have, however, is an opinion on how my writing impacts the reader. Only they can judge that. Sadly, in your case, I appear to have failed miserably. This leaves me with something of a dilemma. You’re trashing my work to a community I’m proud to be a part of and yet your comments are diametrically opposed to all the feedback from the people who really matter, ie the paying customers, so, in the interest of fairness, your followers should perhaps see a few of the many comments received:-

    ‘Doesn’t leave you thinking that it was several pages too long.’

    ‘A well written, fast paced read.’

    ‘Great descriptive writing without hitting the reader over the head with obvious strings of adjectives’

    ‘Exceptional read, in language that I understood.’

    ‘Original story idea, intelligently written, well crafted.’

    I could go on, but you get the gist. Your critique has received an interesting response from the community that follows the books. Most of it revolves around your web site’s acronym, but I wouldn’t recommend you follow their advice. A lot of it’s probably physically impossible while the rest sound extremely painful. I base that assumption on a recent prostate biopsy which, if nothing else, convinced me that I should avoid going to prison at all costs.

    Once again, thanks for your thoughts.

    P W Jordan (ex REME)