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Rod Humphries
Simon lives in Morocco, Simon had a big boat , the big boat is the fastest thing on the sea. Simon works for Guy , Guy runs the local town , Guy is a drug dealer and a cold killer Simon is not, he asserts that he is “only a Kif smuggler”. Guy is friends with Simon’s parents

Whilst out on a smuggling run Simon’s boat is attacked and two of his crew are killed, he stashes the load in a hidaway and reports back to Guy . Guy introduces Simon to his beautiful daughter who is also a cold hearted killer, she decides to join Simon’s new crew. Later on some dubious men arrive in the town who turn out to be mercenaries; Simon clashes with them and an odd stranger once Guy decides to move into the Heroin business.

Simon doesn’t want to get involved in Heroin but if he tells Guy that he wants to retire its a one way ticket to the deep. Just to complicate matters Simons’ mother turns up at the local hotel for a visit but once moved into Guy's villa she becomes a hostage, how is Simon going to handle a big collection of Heroin , Sam, Guy and the mercenaries? Is Guy going to “retire” Simon early ? And what about the shady man .........

Rod is an old fashioned garret writer; he produces his books in a small room above a pub. Being rejected numerous times he decided to start Rats Tales to publish his and other books.

I for one am so glad he did as this book is a roaring tale. I had worked it all out by page 123, page 190 and so forth, being wrong every time . A dynamic story with lots of exciting twists and turns. In my mind’s eye Simon was Daniel Craig and Guy was Peter O'Tool. Sam was, well never you mind you put your own face to her body when you get the book.

This is a classic adventure tale well written well researched and well worth the reading . Four and a half Mushroom heads . This is the second book of Rod's that I have had the pleasure to review and I hope there will be more.


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