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Ghost Fleet,

August Cole and P.W. Singer
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
In a not too distant future, the Chinese find huge oil and gas deposits in a very deep trench in the ocean. This could be the saviour of their economy, but treaties and conventions stand in their way. The solution; a devastating war on the United States of America, aided by their allies in Russia.
This war begins in outer space and in cyberspace. U.S. sattelites are destroyed and American leads in technology are devestated by .........well, I won't give the whole plot away. Suffice to say that the most modern and up to date equipment - including aircraft and ships - no ,longer works. Hawaii is invaded and occupied by the Chinese and America finds itself alone when traditional allies refuse to become involved. Even the British, with their 'special relationship' stand back from the conflict. The United States looks doomed; it's aircraft useless, it's ships vulnerable and every move tracked and countered by their enemies. However, this is a time when the return of dianosaurs can help; the ghost fleet of the title.

If you liked 'Red Storm Rising', if you liked Andy Farnham's 'Armageddon' then this is a book for you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and devoured it as often as I was able to get to it ( I had an electronic version that I could only read on a pc). For the technical minded amongst us there is plenty to satisfy, with detailed descriptions of the equipment and capabilities. For those of us who enjoy exciting war stories, then this fits the bill. There is good human interaction, an unusual love story that bridges generation gaps and an insight into father/son relationships in context with the exigincies of duty.

All in all, an excellent book. It may not change your world, it may not enrich your life, but, as a techno-thriller, then it will certainly do what it says on the tin. I loved it.
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