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Germany in the Great War: Arras, Third Ypres and Cambrai

Joshua Bilton
ARRSE Rating
5 Mushroom Heads
Germany in the Great War -
Arras,Third Ypres & Cambrai

by Joshua Bilton

Despite the title this book describes German operations during 1917 on seven fronts with a chapter for each; after a decent Introduction these are:

Sudwest Front
Kaiserliche Marine
Heim Front

Each chapter has a concise but very informative overview which is followed by a wealth of contemporary photographs, all having good captions. The photographs and accompanying sketches are the key to this publication and cover every aspect of events through German eyes; from trench construction through operations to Allied prisoners of war, it's all here.

Anyone with an interest in the Great War, particularly those with an eye for uniforms, equipment, conditions and battle scenarios - plus aircraft and shipping - will be delighted at the wealth of information here. There is even a picture of a captured British tank on display in Leipzig market square, placed to stiffen morale on the Home Front! At the end of the book is a good timeline of events in 1917, a bibliography and endnotes.

I enjoyed this book, which I now regard as an important work of reference, and have no hesitation in recommending it. A publication of this quality doesn't need a lengthy review!

Five ARRSE mushroom heads.

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