FV432 Variants - Tankograd Publications,  Author: Rob Griffin

FV432 Variants - Tankograd Publications, Author: Rob Griffin

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Having recently purchased the Takom FV432 with Interior model kit, being an ex-scaley, I thought I would go the whole hog and attempt a conversion to FV439 communications vehicle complete with 12m mast and dual generator box. First problem, very little in the way of material online. I could download CES books and modification books, but felt I needed the basics rather than the technical. Someone suggest I invest in a copy of Rob Griffins book, so I duly parted with £16.00 and waited eagerly for the post to arrive.

When the book arrived, far from being the weighty tomb similar to the volume I have on British World War Two trucks, this turned out to be little more than a 64 - page edition much akin to the Osprey publications! Despite that, this is a little gem of a book, containing 10 black and white photos and over 125 in colour. The comprehensive text is in both German and English and covers all variations of the FV432.

Starting with prototypes like the Falcon anti-aircraft gun system and the Rapid Area Clearance Equipment (RACE) Aardvark mine clearing system, the book takes the reader to the Mk3 Bulldog, complete with Enforcer Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), Barracuda Mobile Camouflage System and ASPRO-HMT Add on Armour. That really is the end story. The beginning of the story starts with the development of the FV432 as a fire-support vehicle, with a 30mm Rarden Turret added. (Some excellent Berlin Brigade pictures)

Each chapter deals with a specific vehicle including Cymbeline Artillery Radar, Mine Delivery System, Mine Plough, Abbot SPG, FV434 Maintenance, FV 436 Green Archer (superseded by Cymbaline), FV 438 Swingfire ATGM Launcher and the FV 439 Communication System Vehicle - 3 types; Radio Station SRC50, Telegraph Station Message Centre and Exchange Telephone Auto 20.
All vehicle variants are photographed from all angles giving potential model-maker's sufficient knowledge and views for drawing plans for their models.

For those interested in the subject, this book gives an insight into one of the most famous and maybe, well-loved vehicles of the cold-war era and beyond. If I have a complaint, it would be a lack of interior shots of the vehicles, but that is understandable from a security point of view.

Nice book, pricey for what it is.

4 out of 5


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