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4 Mushroom Heads
A mystery thriller set in a small Wiltshire village not far from Swindon. Swindon a town renowned for being on the M4 corridor and for being not the most quaint of places, however the small village did sound rather idyllic.So what's it about?

Alzheimers memory loss and the part of the brain called
The Hippocampus which is responsible for all our memories, we have two of these and they closely resemble Sea Horses. Remember that little snippet.

Tony and Laura are at home blissfully married and are about to have dinner when suddenly a knock on the door changes their lives for ever. A stranger, stands there, a beautiful dark haired woman in her early 30's who looks confused, the poor girl can only remember snippets of her life, she knows she lives in this house so why are these strangers living there?

Furthermore who is she?

The woman standing on the doorstep can't remember her own name, she only knows she lives in the house.

Having read the first few chapters I suddenly remembered that I had read a book by this author for our reviews called FIND ME. I didn't like that book but I liked this one, in fact I liked it a lot. Tony and Laura take her in, she has a small suitcase nothing else, should they phone the police? As Tony points out, why? What will they do? They search her bag, nothing, nothing to give any indication as to who this stranger is; instead they phone the local doctor and within the hour Laura is walking the woman with no name to the doctors.

When they get back a text to Laura sets off a rather chilling set of events, Laura is suddenly terrified of the stranger, she tells her husband what the doctor has texted, Tony is calm and inwardly smiles, he can't believe his luck.

Half way through the book and the central characters name is still unknown, she really is suffering from some sought of amnesia but this story is far from a story on how to get a woman with no name who thinks she lives in a house where
she obviously doesn't back to her home, far from it.

The story is set out in days and fair do's to the author as I was reading it with my old police head on and thinking maybe the doc should and would call the police
then that's what happens, I think the police should do xyz, and that's what happens and that is why I liked this book. The author did research into the disease of Alzheimer's and with a bit of artistic licence what actions the police would take. As I have mentioned before although fictional books should be entertaining they should also, to a degree be believable and I think this book nailed it.

In parts it gets nasty, creepy, and a little tense, you meet the locals, get to know them in the pub, it's not Midsomer as in Midsomer Murders, not at all, just an ordinary English village with a not so ordinary mystery guest. Where does the murder come into this? Well I can't say, I can't spoil the story but if you like a good thriller with a few good turns and believable characters then this is a book you will enjoy.

What I would criticise is the actual book, a big expensive hard back at £18.99, the publishers have left a lot of blank paper within this book, the author has written it with short chapters and a lot of pages only contain half a page of print, some only a few lines so the book isn't quite as large as the 416 pages may lead you to think, it's a bit naughty and is like food manufacturers packaging, a big box or big packet only half filled up, still the actual content is good, but I would try and source a paperback edition, hopefully it will be printed in paper back because it would make a cracking read on a flight, especially if one is travelling to say Berlin for instance.

Score 4/5 Mushroom heads, I like my chapters to be a bit longer, but I did like it.

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