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Finding my Virginity

Finding my Virginity

Richard Branson
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
As autobiographies go, this one is pretty good, probably because of the author's outright love of adventure, his entrepreneurial spirit and his novel, but often risky, ideas.

Finding my Virginity is a 500 page update of Branson's earlier work and starts at Christmas 1999 on his private island straight after an abortive around the World balloon adventure. At this point the author is at a low point but is soon back, as large as life and raring to go, with plans for mobile phone networks, railways of the UK, new destinations for his airlines and so on - all interlinked with his whirlwind social life.

Branson is certainly fearless and demonstrates how, quite clearly, he is always ready to challenge existing doctrine on a broad range of issues. This latest work gives an insight into the workings of his mind but the real appeal is in his descriptions of, for example: Hurricane Irma, the future of Virgin Galactic and Hyperloop, his disagreements with Trump, his holidays with Obama and many other original yet enjoyable stories.

As always, preparing a review for an autobiography is always tricky in case too much is given away. However, because the author has a lifetime's experience of undertaking risky, thrilling, innovative, exciting and downright dangerous activities it could be said that Finding my Virginity is book that has something for everyone. Certainly an enjoyable read and probably a good gift for someone, who like Branson, has everything!

Rating: 4 Mushrooms.

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