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Find Me

J S Monroe
A story that is set mostly in and around Cambridge University, although traveling does take place a chap called Jar suddenly sees out of the corner of his eye an old friend of his who he hasn't seen for five years, is that really Rosa, he thinks?

Can't be she's been dead for all those years, he attended inquest at the coroners court.

Sounds like a good read. Well it has taken until around page 140 to liven up. Prior to that this book is firmly in the “my god get going“ category. It's just that for the first 130 odd pages not a lot happens and when it does, Jars' flat gets burgled but nothing taken, there is no excitement. It's like a car stuck in second gear, with a dodgy sat nav, it just lacks direction and excitement, something you look for in a thriller.

The book flips back and forward before Rosa's death or disappearance five years ago and today. Jar has a job in an IT company and a mate called Carl, how he keeps this job whilst spending time looking for Rosa is beyond me, eventually his boss does have enough and sacks him. Rosa has written a diary but on a computer in different encrypted files. Do these files hold the clue as to what really happened to Rosa and several other mysterious student deaths where no bodies have been found? Well as I say I've reached page 140 and finally I'm hoping that it will suddenly break into life. So that's part one, a dead/missing girl? An old friend convinced she isn't dead.

There are chapters where Rosa's thoughts are put down so you get a feel that she may still be around, but were these see notes written before she died?

The book is split into two parts, with part two entitled Find Her.

Again part two is written in the same slow un exciting style. There are moments of drama and part two picked up quite quickly but then again it all too quickly stalls.

The idea of a good story is there, are the CIA involved? Her uncle gets involved as does Carl, Jar's friend from work. Jar travels to Cornwall avoiding people he thinks are following him, but I'm sorry to have to report that for all the effort, and it's been an effort I just can't get excited or involved in this book. By that I mean a lot of thrillers you find yourself hoping the hero doesn't do something or does that or that X doesn't happen oh that Y does happen, there's none of that in this book, it's rather sterile to say the least.

I'll give it a generous 2 mushroom heads. I should give it more, maybe 2 for the idea of the story and maybe 1.5 for the actual complete book, giving a total 3.5, but I'm sorry to say that would be over generous. If you bought this at the airport don't start reading it in the departure lounge, you may fall asleep and miss your flight!

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