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Fighting ISIS

Tim Locks
How one ordinary Brit went to war - a gripping true story

So and ex bouncer with no military experience decides to head to Iraq to take on ISIS...

Which could be quite a story, if anything actually happened. Instead the book details the kit purchased and the months of him trudging around Northern Iraq tooled up with a shotgun, machete, Glock and pimped out AK.

The closest the book gets to action is all in the preface, though it doesn't focus too much on the personalities involved, their reasons for being there or the politics in any great detail. More like a travel diary only with very few descriptions of people or places which makes it rather difficult to follow at times.

There are plenty of exhortations for something to be done, along with descriptions of Daesh's inhumanity. These though seen to be based on newspaper articles rather than first hand and seem to take a back seat to describing the small armoury of weapons which he acquired, even those he never used.

Other than a few descriptions of coming under mortar fire it's difficult not to think of this as particularly extreme case of walting with a good dose of contempt for most of the small band of volunteers who he worked with. He does provide a kit list, just in case you forgot to pack your underwear, if you want to follow in his tracks though...

Amusingly he argues that they should not be referred to as ISIS and much of his contempt is saved for those who only went there to pose for photographs. Which makes the front cover the most unintentionally interesting part of the book.


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