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Fields of Glory Models (FoG)

Contact details: Phone: 07745872908 (8.00am - 5.00pm) e-bay store available.

Address: Fields of Glory models ltd, St Martins Business Centre, Chequers Lane, Eversley, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 0NY

Recently I've had reason to purchase accessories for a diorama I'm building; like many Modeller's, I'm constructing a scene from D-Day. Like most modellers I intensely dislike parting with my hard-earned unless I know I'm getting value for money. This led me to discovering Fields of Glory models, an on-line model shop with an outlet on e-bay.

From the start, Fields of Glory Models hold a substantial stock and have a quick turnover. Their web-site is easy to negotiate and is divided into four main sections. They stock books and DVD's, many relating to military modelling and a few on modelling cartoon vehicles. The majority of the DVD's are military style gaming with a few model-making How-To's for good measure.

Brushes and paints covers the extensive range of AK Interactive and Abteilung series. These include oils, acrylics, clears, washes and textures. The texture series looks pretty good as it contains ice and water textures as well as ground and scenic textures. There is also a good selection of weathering and special effects such as old wood, rust, streaking etc. I can highly recommend these items having used them on a number of occasions.The brush sets offered are of excellent quality and again are well-recommended by this user. The final section in the Brushes and Paints section is adhesives and covers most most of the popular brands.

Model Kits is the next section, and although there are some plastic kits, most of those in this section are accessory kits for existing kits. This is quite an extensive selection of goods and is worth taking the time to browse through it. The quality of the accessory kits is very high and definitely suitable for any diorama from any age period. I would suggest a large supply of tea and biscuits while perusing this section as it will take a while to get through, but you'll find what you want.

The last section is Scenery and covers both Building bases and Diorama accessories. If you want anything from a blade of grass to a full-sized building, these guys will have it. They have accessories for building your own diorama and also provide almost complete dioramas.

Field of Glory Models are a first class producer of modelling supplies and fill a niche left by the demise of the Model Shop. They have a good attitude towards their customers, shipping on the same day as orders are received, offer post-free on goods ordered over £50.00 and have an excellent customer service ethic. Where I will urge caution is on ordering goods; it is so easy to run up a huge bill because you want it all!
I highly recommend these guys to anyone in the modelling fraternity.

Top quality service from the guys I buy from.

Rating: Top quality, five out of five.


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