Famous Battles (and how they shaped the modern world) 1588-1943

Famous Battles (and how they shaped the modern world) 1588-1943

Beatrice Heuser & Athena Leoussi
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1 Mushroom Head
I am not sure if am too old or too thick to appreciate this book, but I didn't enjoy it at all. It covers 8 battles in all and examines their aftermath and how they shaped the world.

I don't have any real gripes with the selection of battles. The battles themselves are decently covered albeit briefly, but the aftermath etc is at best poor ranging to downright awful, with the last being Stalingrad which is covered via the medium of film! Yes really, that's what they decided would be the best aftermath coverage of that battle.

The others are all viewed through a very 21st century viewpoint with no real interesting discussion of the actual impact.

In short, this book is like cheap Australian wine, best laid down and avoided. It gets two because the battles are briefly but quite well presented.

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