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Faithful in Adversity

Faithful in Adversity

John Broom
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
The RAMC was involved in every engagement and action throughout WW2. This book covers every aspect of the RAMC at war from recruitment to demob and does it well.

From war's declaration in 1939 to the war's end the book uses the memoirs, archives, family papers and documents plus official historical information, some of it unpublished, to tell of the experiences of those who served in the RAMC, often risking their lives, to provide help for the wounded whether friend or foe. From Norway, France, Africa, the Mediterranean, Burma and the Far East including the harrowing stories of those who became POWs. From D Day and the advance through France and Germany and the fighting up through Italy until the homecoming and eventual demobilisation, the RAMC provided medical support for all of the front line troops.

Even after the conflict the Corps dealt with the aftermath, the physical and mental rehabilitation of soldiers and civilians including the inmates of the concentration camps.

Nearly 3,000 RAMC personnel lost their lives during the fighting and this book is a testament to them.

A book I will read again and again.

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