Essex class Aircraft Carriers 1943-1991

Essex class Aircraft Carriers 1943-1991

Leo Marriot
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4 Mushroom Heads
Another book in the images of war series.

This a totally new area for me, so I cannot comment on the accuracy or otherwise of this book, that said it seems very authoritative and I saw nothing glaringly wrong in it.

As the title states, it covers a class of aircraft carriers with an amazing service life of almost 50 years. the book shows all aspects of the ship and is as is usual for this series full of excellent photos covering it from every angle. It also obviously has good coverage of the aircraft from prop-driven to jet-powered that flew off them.

Essex 2.jpg
The only reason it has 4, not 5 approval is purely that I do not have the background knowledge to know the accuracy of the information. I would heartily recommend this to anybody with an interest in the subject. It would certainly be invaluable to a modeller.

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