Louis Rudd
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The South Pole, the Antarctic, must be one of the most unforgiving places on Earth. A vast frozen desert, with no natural lifeforms, just ice and winds.
A land of 50mph gales and temperatures of -40 degrees, a desolate and lonely place where help -if needed - can be many hours away, if it can be sought at all. No natural springs for water and the only food is that which one can carry. And yet man still seeks this place out, a place of great beauty and challenges and one that has caused more than afew deaths. It was to this place that Louis Rudd was drawn.

In 2018, Captain Louis Rudd entered the history books when he completed a solo and unsupported crossing of over 900 miles.
This book tells that story, and other stories of this remarkable man.

At the age of 12, the author decided that he wanted to join the Royal Marines. This desire was triggered by both his stepfather being an ex-marine and the Falklands War. Rudd, who was living in Lincolnshire, was determined to be fit and able, and as part of that process, as well as a spirit of adventure, decided to cycle from his home to Aberdeen to visit his natural father. A daunting task for a 14 year old.

At 16 he made his first attempt to join, but was rejected because his body had not developed enough to cope with the rigours of the selection process, but filled with determination, he spent six months bulking up and training and re-applied. This time he was successful.

After a period as a Marine and following the first Gulf War he decided to try for the S.A.S. Following his selection process, he served in the Regiment in many and various places, with a great deal of success and it was only when he heard that Henry Worsley was to lead an expedition to the South Pole that his fascination with that area was piqued. He joined the expedition and became hooked on the Antarctic and the challenges it posed.

To tell more would give away some of the incredible story, and that would spoil the enjoyment of the book.

It is a fascinating book, one that I put off reading ( even during lockdown) as I rarely read this type of tale, however I am very glad that I did read it. It's well written and easy to get into, a wonderful story of courage and determination and very well worth anyone's time.

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