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End Game by Alan Gibbons

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5 Mushroom Heads
When this book arrived I took a quick peek at the opening page. An hour later my phone rang and I found myself immersed in it. I turned the phone off and carried on reading to the end. The next day my wife picked it up and read it straight through. This is a fabulous novel. Buy it. Now.

You want more? OK if you insist, but you are wasting time.

We open in the middle of someone’s nightmare. From that we accompany the protagonist as he works out who he is, where he is and why. Anyone who has been concussed will be familiar with the process and the first two questions resolve reasonably quickly. It’s the third that takes up the bulk of the book and produces a tale of young love and sibling affection intertwined with politics and commerce.

If I tell you much more I'll ruin it. The prose is light and effective, the characters credible the dialogue excellent and the plot compelling.

Stop faffing about, buy and read it.
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