East of Hounslow.

East of Hounslow.

Khurrum Rahman.
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4 Mushroom Heads
Javid (call me Jay) has got it made. He’s a small time drug dealer, he likes a drink, he lives with his Mum in the tight community of Hounslow, he’s just bought himself a new BMW, and he goes to the Mosque on Fridays. Business is good even if his boss is a psychopath and there are no grey clouds on the horizon. That is until events conspire to catapult him into a world inhabited by burnt out spooks, and Croc wearing Jihadis (one of whom just happens to be his next door neighbour.

Khurrum Rahman manages to balance this book perfectly, the pace is fast and at times light hearted, and witty. However the subject matter remains dark and certainly for me cast a little light on a viewpoint and way of life that I must admit I have very little knowledge of. The Muslim community in this Country.

I think it is the way the book seamlessly connects the disparate elements that make up this tale that gives it such an appeal. The dimensions that the book deals with are very close to home, topical and frighteningly believable. The twists and turns that we are led through build to a conclusion that still manages to surprise.

If you are after a book that gives a different angle, that’s funny, thought provoking, and beautifully crafted you would be well advised to have a punt on this. Highly recommended.

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