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Early Jet Fighters 1944 – 54.

Early Jet Fighters 1944 – 54.

Leo Marriott.
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
A soft back book of some 144 pages. The author describes the early development of the jet fighter within Europe from the early stages of World War Two into the early years of peace and the start of the Cold War. The book describes initially the effect of the talented designers from the German aviation industry and their influence on post-war jet fighter design, but also the effect of the British company Rolls Royce and their developments of the jet engine. Both of these areas of expertise where vital to the future of military aircraft development during the mid-forties through the fifties and beyond.

Whilst the Germans were technically the most advanced initially this passed onto the respective countries described here as booty of war and the knowledge of the creators of the aircraft depending on where they were captured in the pincer movement of Allied forces on Germany.

What this book does manifestly illustrate that many countries develop their ideas along parallel but unrelated tracks to the same end but development is governed by possibly a single item and in this case it was generally constrained by the development of the jet engine.

The book is richly endowed with rare and unusual black and white photographs with each having a section describing the aircraft in a good depth of detail. The book does not explore British and American developments during this period as these are available in another publication.

If your interest is in mainland European early jet fighter development then this is an excellent start point and also the modeller may find that the pictures provide a different set of views for their hobby or even new project for the future.

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