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Eagles At War by Ben Kane

Ben Kane
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
Ben Kane starts his Eagles trilogy with events leading up to the battle of Teutoberg Forest. Varus the newly installed governor faced small insurrections along the far border of the Roman Empire and used his 3 legions to control the scattered tribes. Eagles at War tells the story from the view of Tullus an experienced officer and weaves fact and fiction into a gripping novel , the key elements of the history include the betrayal of the legions by Arminius and the desperate fight for survival by Tullus and his comrades.

Ben Kane has produced a number of Roman books reviewed in ARRSE , this is an excellent book and well worth buying for yourself or as a present. The next book in the series will be eagerly awaited by his fans.

For anyone inspired by the events in the book see Livius for further reading. On the historical side there are some useful notes and sources at the end of the book with a glossary as well. The main book runs to 400 pages and Random House have turned out a well finished book.
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