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Hans-Adolf Jacobsen translated from the German by Geoffrey brooks
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Most of us, off the older generation are familiar with the retreat from Dunkirk and the narrow escape afforded to so many troops, the period of bad weather hindering German air cover , and the valiant efforts of those who stayed behind to slow the attacking forces.

However the German side of the offensive is rarely commented upon, unless by specialist researchers with access to the vast archives, and then you will only gain their view from disseminating the facts many years later. The beauty of this book is that it translates Jacobsen's original work written not long after the war, when so many people were still alive and able to give commentary and background.

As a young man Jacobsen joined the German Army but was taken prisoner by the Soviets , during his captivity he learnt Russian and gained an insight into the Soviet union, returning to Germany he became a well known Academic specialising in the second world war

He managed to gain access to the original Army records then stored in England and the USA and in this book you will read exact and accurate details of the invasion operation, including copies of maps from the battle all very accurate and concise.

Not only the German Army but the Luftwaffe records are included, and each order and daily report shows that it was not as easy as the leaders thought.

Flooding of vast areas of Belgium by Patriots and Soldiers caused the Army to move back and find another route in, losing them much time.

Also included are reports about how effective the RAF were against the Luftwaffe, and the Royal Artillery gained respect from the FW190 pilots for their unnerving ability to delay firing until the aircraft had dropped its bomb load and started to climb and gain speed thereby presenting a much larger target. Many of the pilots were killed that way, and morale was badly affected.

This is a very accurate and concise book upon the subject, and for any one interested in the Second World War and this period when we so nearly lost, it is a great boon.

Hard back with 229 pages and 16 illustrated maps

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