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Dunkirk The Real Story In Photographs by Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch
The Dunkirk story has been told over and over already but Tim Lynch has assembled a good selection of relevant photographs of Dunkirk and some of the build up to it.

The book illustrates the mobilisation, Phoney War and the brief Blitzkrieg of Spring 1940.The campaign was a return to manoeuvrist warfare after the stalemate of the Great War. The Allies, and particularly the French Army, were stunned by the speed of the German advance; however the final retreat to Dunkirk and Calais achieved the aim of saving the BEF to fight again.

Initial estimates were for an evacuation of at best 45,000 men, in the end 338,000 were evacuated from Dunkirk and defeat had somehow become a victory. The legend of the little ships had been born and to this day one can see older vessels on the Thames proudly flying their White Ensigns to signify their role as part of Operation Dynamo.

Tim Lynch has drawn his images from Mirrorpix and they are printed on good quality gloss paper. The book runs to 95 pages with a mixture of text and photographs .

The myth of the alleged RMS Lancastria cover up is debunked (p74), however ,there is reference to the difficulty of finding MT for the BEF alongside a picture of a horse and cart, whereas the German forces used horse transport throughout the war. The BEF was a highly mechanised force by 1939 standards.

The book seems quite highly priced (£15) for a 94 page paperback but Amazon shows new copies from £5.00. The lack of an index or detailed notes makes the book seem more aimed at the generalist reader , but the release of the new Dunkirk film comes at a good moment for publication.

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