Don’t Send Flowers

Don’t Send Flowers

Martin Solares
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4 Mushroom Heads
The story is divided into two parts entitled first The Mysteries of La Eternidad and then Chief Margarito and the Conversation in the Dark, but the book really starts with the knowledge that a young girl has been kidnapped while her boyfriend has been left in a coma by the people who did it. However, her parents are very rich and hold a lot of sway in this northern part of Mexico where it has happened. The parents, Mr and Mrs de Leon, ask the advice of Don Williams, consul to the United States in La Eternidad and apparently a security advisor to those with money in need. He recommends a former detective named Carlos Trevino but a major problem seems to be that Trevino has disappeared due to a problem with most of the local police force. Apparently Trevino is an unusual type of person in Mexico being a police officer who cannot be corrupted. The consul is then given the task of finding Trevino and convincing him he should take on this particular task.

Unfortunately Carlos Trevino has annoyed Margarito, the local chief of police and everyone on the force seems to be looking for him though Trevino has cleverly hidden himself out of the way with his wife in the rundown hotel he has bought, a place where some form of magic or extra sensory experience seems to exist. This causes the consul considerable problems in finding Trevino and then to persuade him into accepting the job of finding the girl. Eventually Trevino is successful but his mission is made difficult due to the disputes and fights between the many gangs as well as the corruption within the police departments.

In the second part the story continues with the emphasis initially on Margarito González the Chief of Police and his relationship with his ex-wife. He also discovers his son is to be the new Chief of Police rather sooner than he expected which fact seems to have come as rather a surprise. Needless to say Margarito does not let any of this hinder him in his search for both Trevino and the young kidnapped girl. The plot involves many twists and the result gives the impression there may be another novel in the future for more than one of the characters involved.

The whole story is a black indictment of parts of Mexico with the corruption, murders and gang wars which seem to exist today. The location of the coastal city of La Eternidad is one where the gang wars have virtually eliminated law and order causing the population to leave their homes when absolutely necessary because shops, restaurants and communal activities have closed down, coupled with the roadblocks and highway robberies which seem to occur on every street.

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